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Sleeve Gastrectomy

This is a procedure that involves removing a greater part of the stomach such that the remaining portion is similar in size and shape to a banana. The result is a reduction in the capacity of the stomach allowing the patient to become satisfied after a small meal.

Being a lower risk procedure, it is sometimes used as a first step operation in high risk patients. Once the patient’s medical condition improves, they may be in a better condition to have the second stage to a full gastric bypass or bilio-pancreatic diversion.

While some surgeons have started using sleeve gastrectomy as definitive operation for obesity, there are concerns about the long-term durability of the weight loss.

In our program, sleeve gastrectomy is typically only recommended as bridging procedure in a high risk diabetic patient with the intention of subsequently converting it to a gastric bypass or bilio-pancreatic diversion, usually nine to twelve months later.