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Meet Our Team

Dr. Thodiyil

Center of ExcellenceDr. Thodiyil works closely with a team of specialists in order to undertake a detailed and thorough evaluation of each patient in preparation for weight loss surgery.

The bariatric surgery is then performed by Dr. Thodiyil at the New York Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn which is recognized by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery as a "Center of Excellence" for bariatric surgery.

Administrative coordinators: Ms. Rosina Ciappina and Ms. Jennelle Sinckler
Ms. Ciappina and Ms. Sinckler are administrative coordinators for the program. They works closely with patients, assisting them with insurance eligibility verification, scheduling and organizing preoperative testing.

Bariatric coordinator: Ms. Shawna Heasley
Ms. Heasley is clinical coordinator.  In addition to closely monitoring and tracking  the preoperative testing process, Ms. Heasley is involved with patient teaching and counseling activities.  She was previously at the Cleveland Clinic, OH.

Nutritionist: Ms. Nadia Lubman is an experienced registered nutritionist. She provides nutritional evaluation and counseling before and after bariatric surgery.

Psychological Evaluations: Dr Nasser is a board certified psychiatrist who provides support and evaluation for patients getting ready for bariatric surgery.

Cardiology Evaluation: Dr. Raul Schwartzman
Preoperative evaluation of cardiac status is undertaken by Dr. Schwartzman, with the support of cardiology facilities at New York Methodist hospital.

Pulmonary Evaluation
: Dr. Gudi and Dr. Weingarten evaluate patients for abnormalities of pulmonary function and for sleep disturbances.

Operating Room Staff: Dr. Thodiyil performs his surgeries at the New York Methodist Hospital.  The operating room staff and anesthesiologists are experienced in the treatment of bariatric patients.

Operating Room Staff

From left to right: Dr. Fung (anesthesiologist), Dr. Thodiyil, Dr. Brahmbhatt (Chief resident, now graduated) and Mr. Valez (operating room technician)

Postoperative Floor: Nursing Staff on Miner 8
Miner 8 is the main floor where patients go to after their surgery.  The nursing staff on this floor are experienced in the care of bariatric patients.